With a solid background in the beauty industry and many years’ experience in the corporate world, Jackie Miller came on board to open Madovar’s first US office in New York city, back in December, 2018.  

After spending time at large corporations, like Coty & Estée Lauder, and gaining a thorough understanding of the corporate structure, Jackie realized it was time for a change. ”Both were great experiences, yet ultimately I knew I wanted to be part of a smaller company, where I could feel like my effort could make a difference. I grew up in an environment where I had a very early exposure to family business experience and I’ve kind of always knew I wanted to get back to that. I needed to feel more of a decision maker and not just a cog in the wheel at a big company. I wanted what I do to matter and my work to have a stronger impact.”  

Madovar's Vice President US Sales & Business Development, Jackie Miller

Working with people with whom she shared the same business ethics was another reason that shaped Jackie’s decision to join Madovar’s team. “When I first met the Madwars, I was impressed with the integrity and professionalism with which they would conduct business and loved their attention to detail and ambition to produce the absolute best quality box. I was also very excited by the potential of how big the company could grow.”

One and a half years later, Jackie has helped numerous brands bring their packaging visions to life, enjoying every bit of the creative process. “I love meeting new people, being inspired by their stories and joining along on their journey,” she explains. “People need experts to take their products to the next level and this is exactly what I'm trying to do. My job is to understand and execute their vision, talking them through what our capabilities are and  bringing packaging into a tangible form.”

Her past experience with project management and sales in the beauty sector, allowed Jackie to gain useful insights into the retail side as well. “Going back to working with Coty, I got to see first hand what happens at the exchange point between the customer and the product, what it takes to create excitement around a new product, what it takes to throw an event, what people are looking for, what works, what doesn’t work.” While being part of new launches during her time at Estée Lauder, Jackie was also exposed to all these top marketeers building brands. “I was able to see how big marketing plans translate into reality and got a unique perspective on how to marry marketing ideas with what is actually feasible.”

Always on the run, Jackie’s day begins very early in the morning. Leaving Park Slope in Brooklyn, taking the subway 4-5 into Manhattan, getting off at Bowling Green to finally head to WeWork’s building in Financial District - the famous, old Goldman Sachs building - where Madovar’s NY office is located. “WeWork’s environment is very collaborative and energetic; it boosts creativity and offers so many opportunities for growth,” she says.  

Madovar's Vice President US Sales & Business Development, Jackie Miller

Thanks to her daily interactions with so many people, Jackie has a lot of inspiring client stories to share. If she could only pick one though, the “I Remember Bracelet” project she recently completed in collaboration with Bonnie Glogover would definitely be it. “Bonnie found Madovar on the internet and when she sent me an image of her bracelet, it literally took my breath away. This woman has dedicated so much of her life to Holocaust Rememberance because of her father, who was a survivor, and she is now taking that mission a step further for genocide aknowledgement in general. Bonnie, and her two partners, Philip Wisner and Anna Ray Jones, put their hearts into this bracelet and created something truly special; their mission is to call attention to and honour all victims and survivors of genocide worldwide. They also treated the creation of the package and my input as equally as they did to the bracelet itself, so being part of their story was a huge privilege for us.”

Madovar’s US Ambassador has big dreams for this company and is passionately working to make them come true. “Madovar is at the frontiere of a changing industry and has an opportunity to be a leader in it,” she explains. “Packaging is an industry that is in need of a sustainable revolution. I want to help Madovar push innovation to be the leading sustainable box manufacturer in the luxury space. Just recently, we launched our first fully recyclable product, the E-luxe box, and we are hoping to greatly expand in this category very soon! We also joined 1% for the Planet, aligning ourselves with One Tree Planted, a grassroots non-profit focused on replanting trees.” Her ultimate goal is Madovar to become the Patagonia of the packaging industry and positively impact the world with their business.

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