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March 17, 2016 1 Comment

Do we deliver custom projects?

Of course we do! 

99% of our projects involve a great level of customization and we love that! We've often been asked to design custom interiors for our boxes, to hold and present the product or gift perfectly.

How do we do this? We offer our clients a specialty foam that can be custom die cut and decorated. The clear objective here is hold the product in place, avoiding any movement inside the box during shipping. The second goal is to present the product beautifully. This is the case especially with products such as cosmetic bottles and accessories.

In most cases, the process is initiated when our clients ship us a product and we're asked to design the perfect interior.

For example, this particular client asked us to make a special insert for a USB charger:



The USB charger in this box sits snuggly in place, while brochures and other communication pieces are presented neatly in the left portion of the tray. The picture above is a custom-made Madovar sleeve box.


Another example is this customized interior for a gift certificate presenter. For this project, our objective was to present and hold a thick gift card so that it can be viewed immediately when the box is opened. Neat, right? Furthermore, we were asked to custom foil stamp a card on the inside lid of the box.


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John Carston
John Carston

June 27, 2016

From what I’ve seen on this site the custom made boxes are presented beautifully, as you said. I like that there appears to be a high degree of customization in the boxes I’ve seen. I can see the worth in the boxes you offer since it can add quite a bit of value to the gifts it is presented with.

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