Luxury Gift Boxes

Valentine's Photo Gift Box

Floral pattern

Ahead of the occasion of Valentine's Day, Madovar presents its limited edition luxury gift collection comprising our three most popular soft-touch magnetic closure boxes wrapped in the specially designed floral patterns "Moonlight" and "Golden Pearl". 

Our Valentine's Photo Gift Box, based on the design of our 5 x 7 x 1" magnetic closure photo box, is a wonderful object to gift photographs of treasured memories to your special someone. In the age of digital photography, it is has become important to keep our few printed photographs in an elegant and meaningful case. 

After the act of gifting, we recommend that you place your own Valentine's Photo Gift Box atop a working desk. We assure you that it will make a wonderful addition to its space: even more so once Valentine's has passed!

Please note that the current price is offered as a 30% discount valid only until February 14, 2019.