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Madovar Packaging Inc.

Our Story 

Madovar™ Packaging is a proudly Canadian, family-run business founded in 2011 by Bashar Madwar and his son Bilal.

First opening our doors at our Montreal headquarters, today we’re lucky enough to work with clients all across Canada and around the world.

Whatever the project, our expert team of designers is dedicated to creating top-quality, custom gift boxes that make a lasting impression, with unmatched passion, care and attention to detail.

We’re big believers in the importance of sustainable design. That’s why we purchase paper that is 100% FSC certified and made with recycled fibres. 

Watch our video to see Bashar at work, perfectly illustrating our passion for quality craftsmanship our clients can count on.  

Madovar Packaging Design - A close look at the craftsmanship of Madovar's founder and creative director, Bashar Madwar from MADOVAR inc. on Youtube.