If this is the first time you're getting to know our product, you'll most likely be attracted by our unique printing solutions, especially for those of you who are big fans of monochrome branding. The truth is, printing has always been one of the most exciting elements of our business. Monochrome branding, by far, was the biggest challenge we faced when we set up our business. Today, we're confident that we're specifically addressing the needs of designers and brand owners who desire a perfect jet black gift box with white branding.
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How do we print white on black? How do we print black on white? Many of our customers assume that we screen print our die cut papers in order to achieve this effect. How else would we achieve white ink? Traditional offset printing machines can't print white... To their surprise, we passionately explain the intricacies of our printing process and modern printing technology has allowed us to digitally print and isolate the white UV ink. What does this mean? Even if the substrate is black, our print technology enables us to apply white as if it was a special color. Furthermore, this same print technology allows us to apply a clear UV ink varnish as another special color.
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The ability to isolate white, color and clear inks has completely changed our service offering, since we launched in 2013. Most importantly, we've been able to answer to the global trend of designing monochrome packaging and satisfying the needs of our customers. In addition, this has also allowed us to deliver small order quantities, another perfect solution for brand owners, packaging designers, creative agencies and small businesses.. clients that didn't want to order thousands of boxes to fulfill their design objectives. We have simplified the process so that our clients can order just enough boxes to fulfill their requirements.


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