Antoniella Apparel is a luxury apparel brand that specializes in beautifully designed pocket squares and scarves. Kate and Daniele, the brand's founders, entrusted us with the creation of custom apparel gift boxes for their apparel line that will be officially launching in February 2020!

A couple of years (a marriage,immigration process, and lots of life things) later, Kate and Daniele began actually designing. They decided to start with pocket squares, head scarves, and full-length scarves, the designs based on various locations in Italy. All their products are hand made, with 100% silk twill. Like all good stories, this one started with romance. Kate, an American fine artist and Daniele, an Italian model and menswear expert, met in Italy. “I was on a short stay, and met him a few days before flying home,'' says Kate. ”Eight months later, I flew back to spend more time with him. While there, we were visiting a beautiful church in the medieval city of Assisi, which is covered in patterned frescoes. I had worked as a textile designer as well as a painter, graphic designer, so it really appealed to me, from an artistic perspective.” As for Daniele, he had always been interested in the fashion world, having worked for years in London in Armani, Ferragamo, Hawes & Curtis, and enjoying the art of well-crafted pieces. “I noticed that the patterns in the church would make for interesting inspiration for fabrics, and clothing”, Daniele explains.

“At that point we began dreaming about combining our passions into something unique.”

The fact that there is no minimum quantity at Madovar makes it possible to slowly purchase the boxes as we need them, as our brand grows, instead of investing a huge sum all at once. We are in the production stage now, and are talking to a variety of companies which would sell our product."When it comes to packaging, Daniele acknowledges that in the luxury fashion industry the presentation is almost as important as the product itself. “People expect to receive something incredible, something that feels different from what they would normally experience," he says. "While it can be difficult to invest in the high cost ofluxury apparel boxes, we think that the nature of our product really requires it."

“We are so excited to keep expanding our brand, and growing the relationship with Madovar!”, Kate continues. “I have loved working with Madovar. From the beginning of the process to the end, it's been so smooth. I had already developed our branding, and knew pretty much exactly what we needed, and Madovar made it happen.I really loved the minimalistic style of the square removable lidapparel boxes, and the smudge free material is perfect. We haven't launched yet, but our preliminary reactions have been overwhelmed by the presentation. We actually get about as many compliments on the packaging as we do on the actual product! Our brand’s message which is modern, classic luxury, has been conveyed in the best possible way thanks to the Madovar boxes.”

For those of you who are interested to follow along, you can visit their website:, and/or follow them on Instagram: @Antoniella_Apparel.

Luxury Gift Boxes Handmade in Canada

"We are passionate about creating high-end luxury gift boxes that are perhaps just as precious as the product they will contain."  

Madovar Packaging is a proudly Canadian family-run luxury packaging business founded in 2011 by Bashar Madwar and his son Bilal in Montréal, Canada. ‍‍Initially working alone to cater to a local project clientele interested in high-quality hand assembled luxury gift boxes, Madovar™ has grown to comprise a large team with offices in both New York City and Montréal. 

Whatever the nature or scale of a project, our expert team of designers, printers, and assemblers are dedicated to creating high-quality luxury gift boxes with the utmost care, precision and attention to detail, that make a lasting impression. Our work method emphasizes both longevity and sustainability. Hence, our gift boxes are made to last beyond their initial use. 

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship has defined our excellent reputation with our clients. We cater to an expanding market encompassing North and South America, Europe, and Asia. We are privileged to work with both start-ups and household luxury brands from many industries, ranging from the beauty and apparel to the jewelry and tech industry.

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