Today is Earth Day and we have an extra reason to celebrate; the launching of our first ever E-luxe boxes collection.
We believe that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand and that buyers who need products of highest quality do not have to compromise on ethics. Our E-luxe boxes, made from fully recycled materials, are designed with high aesthetic standards and can be recycled and re-used. Natural resources that were used in production before are now preserved for future generations and the amount of waste created is significantly reduced.

The packaging we recently created for L’Oréal Paris Canada is a great example of how a box can be 100% sustainable and still look absolutely beautiful, meeting the exceptional standards of a big, luxury brand. 

Madovar all white recyclable removable lid gift box with black printing for L'Oreal Paris Canada

L’Oréal changed the way they approached packaging after some influencer collaborators they were sending the boxes to complained about receiving too much packaging that they could not discard in an eco-friendly way, creating as a consequence, unnecessary waste and harming the environment.  

The clear objective on our part was to reduce packaging waste and at the same time make sure that the new L’Oréal boxes look as attractive and luxurious as they did in the past.

That being said, we sourced FSC-certified paper and created a box from 100% recyclable materials, without any kind of lamination. This new box has the same aesthetic qualities with the old boxes we made for L’Oréal; the only difference is that the top surface of the box doesn’t feel velvety anymore, due to the absence of lamination, but rather smooth with a semi glossy finish.

Madovar all white recyclable removable lid gift box with custom insert for L'Oreal Paris Canada

It is also very important to mention that the foam board, a plastic material we used in the past to create custom inserts that would hold the product(s) inside the box perfectly in place during shipping, has been replaced by a bright white, rigid, environmentally-safe paper board, named converd board by Neenah Paper

This new E-luxe box is a big win-win for both Madovar and L’Oréal and goes to show that influencers can impact marketing efforts in a positive way and even change the way packaging manufacturers produce their boxes. L’Oréal boosted their reputation and credibility by listening to the influencers’ concerns and acting accordingly, and as for ourselves, we were able to improve our craft by producing a box that will be usable in the long term.

var all white recyclable removable lid gift box with custom insert for L'Oreal Paris Canada

This project represents a successful collaboration with L’Oréal Paris Canada and sets the tone for further improvements; our next goal is to be a hundred percent sustainable within a year or two!

We want to make sustainability part of our identity, operating in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way.


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