Rigid Set Up Boxes: Elevate Your Brand With Rigid Precision

"Our team of experts are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind rigid set up boxes that can be used for corporate gifts and influencer packaging as well as in retail environments." 

What is a rigid set up box? 

Rigid set up boxes are some of the most commonly used boxes within the luxury packaging industry. They are four to five times thicker than the traditional folded cartons and provide more embellishment opportunities compared to corrugated boxes. 

What are the benefits of a rigid box?

  • Offers product protection, 
  • Conveys a sense of luxury and elegance,
  • Provides durability,
  • Improves the unboxing experience.  

How many different styles of rigid set up boxes we offer?

Do we offer recyclable options for rigid set up boxes? 

Yes, we do - as of 2019, we have introduced the E-Luxe box. A 100% recyclable and sustainable removable lid box!

For custom rigid set up box designs - beyond the standard styles you see on our website - please contact one of our packaging experts!