Since it was first launched, about 2 years ago, until today, this little black removable lid box has not ceased to attract customers’ attention.


  • Color: All black (exterior cover + bottom cover + tray),
  • Type: Removable lid,
  • Shape: Square,
  • Exterior & bottom cover: soft-touch laminated,
  • Interior tray: made of bright, uncoated paper,  
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2”.  

Madovar black removable lid box - open

But what is so special about this box to make it a best-seller?   

Let’s take a closer look at its features:

I). The color: Black is powerful, classic and elegant. It goes with everything and is a safe – maybe the safest – solution for all different kinds of projects and industries. Associated with wealth, authority and prestige, it automatically stands out when used as a packaging color, transmitting a higher perceived value to the product(s) inside. Conveying sophistication and a touch of mystery, it also enhances the unboxing experience, building suspense and keeping the recipient of the box excited. In terms of practicality, a black package is always easier to keep clean.

II). The box type: Consumers seem to rely on traditional designs and shapes that they are familiar with, instead of more fancy ones. Removable lid boxes being an all-time classic choice for the presentation of a gift, make customers feel more secure and confident about their purchase.

III). The minimal design: A simple packaging design puts directly the focus on the content of the box, without confusing the viewer’s eye. The lack of logos, artwork or insert(s), also allows the package’s holder to easily reuse it after its opening, be it for decorative or other purposes.  

IV). The size: Small pack sizes make consumers’ life simpler as they are easier to carry and can be fit into more awkward spaces compared to large ones. What is more, retailers with limited shelf space are more likely to find a better spot to display products when they come in small packages.

V). The price: Economically-wise, smaller and lighter in weight boxes are more affordable to buy and ship.    

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