Product's packaging is, without a doubt, as important as the product itself.

It provides the first impression of your brand to consumers and communicates effectively its values and aesthetics.

Beautiful custom packaging, crafted to fit your unique design needs, reinforces your product’s image, differentiating it at the same time from its market “opponents”.

As people are visual, attractive design elements have greater impact than verbal communication on potential customers, leading to improved sales activities and traffic to your business. Plus, statistics say that appealing to the eye packaging is generally not thrown away after its opening, bringing immediately added value to your brand.  

If successful, packaging can deliver a memorable unboxing experience  for your brand’s target audience and impress clients or collaborators on a particular occasion; especially nowadays that visual social media, like Instagram and YouTube, are becoming more and more popular, with influencers from all over the world uploading photos of PR packages and videos where beauty, tech or other products are getting unwrapped, receiving thousands of likes and views.

As a significant marketing tool that it is, packaging should always be wisely chosen so that it best reflects the quality and personality of the content inside.


We at Madovar, make every endeavor to ensure that our packages give your product the appearance of premium quality and portray the luxury of your brand.

The technical and artistic knowledge of our proficient team of designers and production staff allows us to manufacture elegant gift boxes of superior craftsmanship in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, that will highlight your product’s beauty and create strong customer connections.

We are fans of minimal, clean lines and monochromic style that radiate class and refinement, letting at the same time the product itself to be the true “star”.

As luxury packaging evokes a multi-sensory experience that goes beyond sight, we also make sure to use first-class materials and textures able to give the most pleasant sensations to the touch.

Client-oriented and passionate about service excellence, we are always ready to help you find a packaging solution tailored to meet your project’s requirements, partnering together each step of the way.


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