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November 28, 2017

Storage boxes you can find many in the market, boxes however that combine premium look with great quality, is not always easy to come across. 

MADOVAR’s storage boxes – a brand new addition to our collection – are exclusively made from rigid foam core and high quality, soft-touch laminated paper. Coming in a 13 x 13 x 13’’ size and in neutral colors and prints, they are very easy to use and fit be it in your home or your workspace.   


In the pictures that follow, you can find some simple ideas of how to use our boxes and better organize your stuff. 

  • To store your magazines: 

Wether it's in your living room, bedroom or office, our boxes are absolutely perfect for storing your favourite magazines, books and newspapers. It's an easy way to keep your place looking tidy, clean and stylish, all at the same time! 

  • As a cachepot: 

When your plant is too pretty, but this is not also the case for the pot it comes in, a beautiful cachepot is all you need. Don't forget that small, budget-friendly decoration details can make a huge difference in appearance and feel! 

  • As a toy basket: 

Having kids is most of the times synonym to having lots of toys laying all over the floor. The right storage boxes will help you maintain your space well-organized, without you having to sacrifice your sense of aesthetics and style. 

  • To hide cables: 

Who likes having a tangled mess of cables under a desk? By placing your power strips and cables in our boxes, you'll save time and frustration, since everything will have a place. Plus, your work area will look much more comfortable and attractive!

  • In IKEA shelf units:

IKEA shelf units have become a huge trend almost everyone has in their place. Our boxes  being made to perfectly fit into them, allow for quick and easy access to whatever you wish to store inside. It's also a great solution for saving floor-space and creating the illusion of airiness in your room!

  • To make DIY shelves:

Place one box on top of another to make your very own shelf. You can play with colors and composition and use as many boxes as you want to design a unique, personalized decoration unit! 

 Possibilities are many. All you have to do is use your imagination and creativity! 

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